Telephone Systems

By having a good telephone system in place it allows for a smoother running and more effective way of communicating which will in turn improve efficiency of your business and staff. A business telephone system consists of 2 or more phones allowing outgoing and incoming calls from outside the system; and transferable between the connected phones.

Some of the products and services that we offer are:

  • Business Telephone Systems
  • VOIP Telephone systems
  • Call center solutions
  • Installation and support services

There are 2 categories of phones , the PBX Phone Systems and VoIP telephone systems.

– PBX are the more traditional type of phone , and follow the same basic formula of the switchboard system. There is a small box which controls all of the incoming and outgoing calls by choosing the correct line or distributing the call the the designated phone system for incoming calls. It also has voicemail facilities and a number of other functions. This system requires a wire from each phone device to be plugged directly into the box

– VoIP Telephone Systems operate using the internet instead of the telephone line. The phone lines rely on the internet connection that the computers are all connected to in the same building. This system offers many benefits, but also requires a reliable ISP to reduce the risk of call drop outs etc if you ever had internet issues.

Some benefits you will get with having a Business Telephone System in place are:

  • Auto- Attendant – Automatic menu system that allows callers to direct their own calls from a series of options. For example, press 1 for accounts, 2 for sales and so on.
  • Wireless Handsets –  Much more comfortable to use and more convenient than having a corded phone. Headsets could be used also.
  • Record Phone Calls –  Very useful for training employees, especially in a sales environment.
  • Call Management Software – Track number of calls made, talk time, number of transfers from each phone and more.
  • Voice-mail – Individual voice-mail, shared mailboxes and unified voice-mail, which sends the message to your email, which can then be accessed on mobile devices.
  • Play music while on hold – This has been around for a number of years now, however it is still very useful. It can be used as a form of marketing to promote more of your products and services, or simply with the right choice of music it can help relax customers and make them more likely to purchase.

Having a professional and efficient telephone system is essential to any business regardless of size; remember even as small business, it’s often the personal touch that sets you apart from your competitors. You can have that with a business telephone system in place.

If you operate a call centre the business telephone systems can be built to interact with computer software; this enables the management of clients on the computer to be able to be dialled through the computers or even setting up to call automatically. On top of this, you can also categorise and manage all the calls made. For example, people who don’t answer the phone or are showing signs of a promising sale can be put into separate categories and you can even schedule a call back to be made so you can rely completely on the telephone systems. Furthermore, there is no longer any need to have masses of paper cluttering up your work space with lists of who to call back and so on.

More Benefits to Bringing a VoIP Telephone System into Your Business:

  • Free international calls as calls are made through the internet connection, this will save you money
  • Crystal clear phone calls as the quality is much better
  • Can make calls from anywhere with an internet connection and has a virtual number
  • Can be integrated with an existing phone connection
  • For a monthly fee you can make unlimited free calls
  • Can access your VoIP account from anywhere in the world as long as have an internet connection
  • Can call or message or even both at the same time
  • Extension numbers for individual employees
  • Free user to user calls
  • Caller ID
  • Software and mobile apps
  • Call forwarding plus many other features.

Installation of telephone systems can be a complex task to take on, A professional installation ensures all wiring and setup procedures are carried out correctly to reduce the risk of downtime and reliability issues which can both lead to excess costs, loss of data and put a halt on your business.

There are different methods of installations available, KSU-less installations are better suited for smaller businesses that don’t plan on going over 50 phone systems, this stands for Key System Unit which has a central hub box usually mounted on a wall.

For larger companies with over 50 phone systems the best installation choice is usually PBX System, this stands for Private Branch Exchange, it is a modern system and highly effective, however the installation process is very complex so a professional installation is highly recommended.

Improve communication in your business today and obtain some obligation free quotes, we provide all the major brands and can suit to your business needs and specification, we can ensure that your business has the right telephone system to increase productivity and efficiency. Just fill in your details below.