What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimisation; this is about getting your website to the top of the search engines results so that when relevant words are typed in and searched for your website comes up top; and is a necessity in today’s internet world if you want your website to be a competitive entity.

SEO plays a key role in driving more traffic to a website, thus improving its business potential. While SEO is a powerful tool, it does not yield results if not used properly, so use one of our professionals to optimise your website. Search engines rank pages in order of relevance to a searchers query, for example Google uses PageRank that considers over 500 million variables; some of these include URLs, Keywords, Content, Domain Names, to improve your site ranking you need SEO.  SEO content is all about rich readable text with full keywords. Once a person finds your site they want to be engaged and enriched text brings keywords to life. A user chooses to leave or stay on your site, if your page is optimised then they will want to stay on your page as the information they need will be there an easily accessible.

What are the benefits to using SEO?

  •  Keeping ahead of your competitors by being ahead of them position wise in the search results – 75% of people don’t click past the first results page when searching.
  • Targeting the correct customers to your product/services, you want to reach your target audience
  • Your business credibility increases, there is a higher level of trust when a visitor finds you from a search engine rather than a PPC, so you will likely get returning customers rather than a one off purchase.
  • Benefits cost long term, although there are initial set up costs, once a higher ranking has been achieved you will get higher traffic and generate more revenue.
  • Your brand awareness increases, even if they hadn’t made a purchase, the name of your company being higher in the ranks mean that your brand name is seen by more people.

Always remember that most people find everything through search engines now-a-days, so if your site is not showing up in those searches, there is a good chance users are not finding your site. Using SEO is also much more cost effective than such things as marketing and has much more longevity; search engines will keep showing your websites for as long as your website exists, such things as advertising cost money over and over and if their not paid then that ceases.