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What is Franking?

What is Franking, you ask? Well, quite simply it is a different way of applying a postage stamp to letters and parcels than using traditional stamps.

A specialist machine is used called a franking machine, which come in many different forms and sizes and which have varying features.

The franking machine prints pre-paid stamps directly onto envelopes and postage labels, eliminating the need for traditional stamps.

Franked mail is processed differently to normal post and franked mail must be placed in specific mail boxes which are for Franked Letters and Parcels only.

Franked mail is intended for business use and as such, Royal Mail offer a discount on all mail sent using a franking machine. Franking machines also make it easy to reclaim VAT on all of your postage.

Features of Franking Machines

  • Print Stamps & Company Logos on your mail.
  • Weigh parcels to calculate exact postage cost with built in weighing scales.
  • Automatic feeding system makes franking mail fast and efficient.
  • Digital Credit system allows you to top-up your account online so you will never run out of stamps again.
  • Smart Meter technology allows you to easily reclaim and manage VAT on all postage sent.
  • Seal and Stack your envelopes automatically after they have been franked.
  • Mail Mark technology offers even cheaper postage costs using a Franking Machine.
  • Pin Protection gives you security over your franking machine and credit.

Benefits of using a Franking Machine

Print Pre-Paid Stamps directly onto your Mail

The primary function of a Franking Machine is to print stamps directly onto letters, envelopes, postage labels and postage packaging.

By printing stamps onto your mail, you eliminate the need to use physical stamps which cost the Royal Mail money to produce, therefore they offer a discount on all franked post using a Franking Machine.

Weigh Parcels and Letters to calculate the exact Cost

Most Franking Machines are equipped with built in weighing scales.

The weighing scales on the franking machine are there to weigh each item of post that you send and calculate the exact cost of postage every time.

This totally eliminates both over-stamping and under-stamping postage.

Over-stamped post is a waste of money as you are paying too much for each item sent which is over stamped.

Under-stamped post causes delivery problems because the remainder of postage needs to be paid which can look unprofessional if this is passed onto the recipient.

Franking Machines Save Money

Royal Mail offer reduced rates on stamps and postage costs for franking machine users as part of the franking service.

As we mentioned above, using the built in weighing scales on a franking machine calculates the exact cost of postage, this ultimately saves you money.

There is also the Mail Mark technology available on most franking machines which prints a small bar code on your mail and this offers further reductions in postage costs.

Finally, VAT is managed efficiently and can be reclaimed easily with a franking machine, which can again save you money when you are doing your VAT returns.

VAT is easily managed with Franking Machines

Franking Machines have specialist software to manage accounts, expenditure and VAT.

At the click of a button, a Franking Machine will calculate the VAT on all of your postage sent, making it a sinch to reclaim your VAT at year end.

Franked Mail saves Time

The whole process of sending mail is made much more efficient when using a franking machine due to the automatic features they boast.

If you have a top of the range franking machine for example, envelopes can be stored, automatically fed to the weighing scales, cost calculated, postage stamps printed, envelopes sealed and finally stacked, all at the touch of a button.

This saves you from writing the name and address on manually, weighing or guessing the weight of the item and finding or even going out to buy a stamp and sticking it on yourself. You don’t actually have to goto the post office at all anymore as the whole process is managed in your office with a franking machine.

Increase Security with Franking Machines

Stamps and stamp books are expensive. If these are stolen or lost then it can be a big waste of money and a big headache for your business.

Franking Machines have pin security and the credit is stored in your online account. This eliminates the need to keep stamps and stamp books lying around.

Portray a Professional Image with Franked Mail

Franking machines allow you to print your company logo at the same time as the stamp.

Mail arriving with franked stamps and printed logos give a professional image for your business and promotes your brand at the same time.

As well as printing stamps and company logos, franking machines allow you to print custom messages onto your envelopes such as company slogans, promotions, gimmicks and anything else that you can imagine.

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Types of Franking Machines

Anti-Theft Vehicle Trackers

This is the most basic type of vehicle tracker on the market and also the cheapest. These can be used for personal or business use.

Anti Theft Vehicle Trackers use either GPS or VHF to track the location of the vehicle, cargo or machinery. This information can be used by police and authorities to track down the stolen vehicle and hopefully retrieve it before it’s too late.

This type of vehicle tracking device can reduce your vehicle insurance premiums.

Fleet Tracking Systems

This type of Vehicle Tracking system is for businesses with one or more vehicles they wish to track and monitor. The information is relayed and stored in the cloud (on the internet) and can be accessed via customer control panels and mobile phones etc.

Fleet Tracking systems for business include a full array of features such as real-time gps tracking, vehicle stats and information reporting, driver behaviour, fuel usage, efficient route planning, driver communications and much, much more.

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