EPOS Systems

The definition of EPOS is Electronic Point of Sale, and these systems have become a very common site in recent years in many high street stores, bar, restaurants, hotels and more offering great benefits to a range of sectors.

An EPoS system is based on software that can perform a range of tasks such as monitoring stock levels, taking payment for goods, weighing items, keeping track of sales, order new stock automatically, returns and payroll. The functions EPOS offers to businesses means you can operate faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Electronic Point of Sale systems are often used in conjunction with a touch screen device for both employee and customer use. This can simplify the order process, reduce queuing times in your store and making payment easier. There are some really useful features such as one touch for best selling items as well as easily inputting discounts and voucher codes, touchscreen terminals also look great and show to your customers your business is modern and stylish, giving the right impression at UK point of sale. Other devices can be connected to an EPoS system such as printers to print receipts, invoices and reports to let you monitor employee use with user ID so you can be sure which member of staff is responsible for certain transactions, as well as conveyor belts to transport goods to the cashier for example. Monitors, cash drawers, barcode scanners, customer displays and card readers are other useful pieces of hardware that can be integrated with a modern EPoS system to give your business not only a modern touch, but to make life far easier for you and your customers and give you the edge when it comes to UK point of sale.

Electronic Point of Sale software also includes a “back office” side to it, which handles inventory control, stock purchasing, invoices, user accounts and monitoring, receiving and transferring products to and from other locations (if you have other stores, hotels, bars, warehouses etc), sales reports and trends, customer contact details and so on. An EPOS System really is an incredibly useful tool as all the machines can be integrated to communicate meaning if you have a bar and restaurant, orders can be sent automatically to the kitchen while at the same time monitoring stock levels, like wise for retail use if your store doesn’t have an item, you can quickly check your stock levels with just a few touches, an EPOS system allows you to always be in full control of your business helping increase UK point of sale and drive your business forward.

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