The modern photocopier can do much more than just photocopy. Having a multi-functional photocopier means that as well as being able to copy documents; you will also be able to scan, fax and bind pages together.

There are different types of photocopiers, so you can find the best type to suit your needs.

Multifunctional Floor Standing Copiers – these can perform various other tasks alongside photocopying, typically this includes scanning, copying, printing and faxing. These can be connected to a network so documents can be sent to various locations via scan to email. Also photocopiers can be connected wireless and also via USB to be able to print documents. Also they can have customised software for example OCR (Optical Character Recognition); and can allow for documents to be binded or stapled together, hole punched, laminating or make booklets. These are floor standing copiers and have print speeds of 35-60 copies per minute; and most feature and automatic document feeder.

Analog Copiers –  These are an older type of photocopier and few are sold today. An analog printer uses lights, mirrors and lenses to reflect the image of a document placed on the platen of the copier to be printed. These types are being phased out as more prone to mechanical failure.

Digital Copiers – The modern multifunctional copier,  digital version of the old analog copier. Most photocopiers made since 2002 are digital, and are much better as able to fulfil many office functions – therefore saving time, space and money.

Mono Copiers – These only use one colour toner which is black, thus where the name monchrome comes from, these are useful in any business as they can print high volumes quickly; some models can do 100 copies per minute.

Colour Copiers – These are able to print in colour as well as black and white, they have 4 drums and 4 cartrdige or toner reservoirs; thse are Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black. All colours are made from mixing these together.

Desktop Copiers – Smaller than the free standing copier, these are designed to fit on some sort of desk or work bench; often slower at printing than a free standing copier and tend to only copy size A4 or smaller. These can be multi functional or basic :and are often offered with an stand or cabinet for the printer to go on, with storage space underneath. Often a good option for smaller businesses with a limited number of users , at the top end of the market they can offer just as many image editing features as their larger counterparts.

Portable Copiers – More suited to home rather than an office environment; due to slower speeds,smaller tray capacity and lower quality than the larger models. If your making more than 500-1000 copies per month or requiring high resolutions then these kind of printers aren’t suitable, but if your needs are more limited then these are are more economical option.

With the options available to lease or buy a photocopier this gives you flexibility and options. At market-scan you can get an obligation free quote for a new modern photocopier for your home or office.