Franking Machines

This is unwelcome news for many businesses across the UK who are trying to cut costs wherever possible, so increased postage prices from the Royal Mail are a much unneeded additional expense for many. Fortunately there is a solutions for all UK businesses, by converting to a Franking Machine you can beat the Royal Mail prices and reduce your postal rates by a massive 38%.

So what exactly is a Franking Machine?

A Franking Machine is a postage device used in the offices of thousands of UK businesses. It eliminates the need to go to the post office and queue up for a first class stamp or other services, instead the Franking Machine stamps your envelopes or parcels to go so they’re ready to be sent off straight away in the post. This is of great convenience to many users as queuing in the post office can be a real choir in itself. The primary objective however of a Franking Machine is to save you money on your postage prices. A Franking Machine can save your business up to 38% on postage prices compared with Royal Mail prices of using a first class stamp. This can amount to substantial savings for many businesses especially if you have a mixture of envelopes and parcels to go in the mail. In recent years it has become a common site to see a Franking Machine in the office of almost any business who sends mail, the greater volume of postage you send the more you can save compared to using Royal Mail, however even if you only have small demand for mail, it’s still worth having a Franking Machine in your office, with small volumes of post you can still make a saving on your postage, and you will still benefit from a range of advantages a Franking Machine comes with.

How do I get Started?

At Market Scan we act as a free online comparison tool for our customers to bring you obligation free quotes from the leading UK suppliers of Franking Machines. This way you can find out quickly and easily if a Franking Machine is right for you and be sure you’re getting the best deals available. Why not try our Postage Calculator now to see how much you could save on your postage prices. By converting your post to a Franking Machine you can benefit from a range of features;

  • Save on postage prices by as much as 38% over a first class stamp
  • Print your company logo on each envelope for a professional image
  • Beat Royal Mail prices and never queue for stamps again
  • Make your office more efficient by speeding up the postage process and reducing costs
  • Huge range of offers to suit all budgets, leasing options starting from just £9.95

You can use our Postage Calculator now to see for yourself just how much you can save on your postage, just click the link below to view your savings. Postage Calculator

Franking Machines for Small Businesses

Medium sized or small businesses may be better off choosing from the variety of low-volume franking machines. These compact machines have an integrated scale in order to save space, and offer the option of franking letters or small parcels. Franking machines for small business can usually be found starting at prices of around £1,000 to purchase with many leasing deals available from our approved pre-selected suppliers. Leasing deals often include some level of service cover and sometimes even consumables (i.e. ink) are included. You can lease a Franking Machine for as little as £9.95 per month from our suppliers including Pitney Bowes and FP Mailing.

Compare Quotes from Franking Machine Suppliers

If you want to speed up your mailing process as well as save up to 38% on your postage prices, the Franking Machine suppliers in Market-Scans carefully put together directory are available to provide quotes quickly and with no obligation to buy. Just fill in our simple enquiry form below to receive up to 4 free, no-obligation quotes from the UK’s leading suppliers and head off those Royal Mail stamp price increases before they become a reality.