Benefits To Your Business Of Fitting A Decent Vehicle Tracker

Fitting a decent quality vehicle tracking system will make it possible to retrieve your vehicle very quickly once it goes missing.

In England and Wales it is estimated that every hour on average 12 vehicles are stolen, making the small cost of fitting a quality vehicle tracking system that much more important.

There are two major types of Vehicle Trackers: Active and Passive.

An active vehicle tracking system has a live feed via GPS with the central user, and can even show when the vehicle is speeding or the length of time it has been parked and where.

A Passive vehicle tracking system records information and is downloaded afterwards, very useful for when a problem arises. For example a delivery was late and there is no explanation, the user downloads information from the vehicle tracker and finds out that the driver had gone for a cheeseburger at his nearest McDonalds.

If you are wondering what vehicle trackers can be used for and what benefits there are to your business, read the list below:

  • Find Lost Or Stolen Vehicles – vehicle tracking can be a preventative measure if your company advertises it, it can also help the retrieval of stolen vehicles, and it also allows the company to know the whereabouts of the vehicle at all times.
  • Save Money on Fuel – As we know –  fuel is a major cost to any business, a vehicle tracking system will predict the quickest route and some can even let the user know how much fuel will be consumed giving access to better cost planning.
  • Improves Driving Habits of Employees – If an employee knows there is a tracking system installed, it is a known fact that their driving style will improve and it will decrease the chance of any accidents.
  • Improved Speed and Efficiency – with a vehicle tracking system installed the driver will know if there is traffic on a specific route and can adapt quickly.
  • Reduce the Average Speed Of Your Vehicles – an employee will be less likely to speed and with that comes less wear and tear and less problems in general.